At Indo Tirta Abadi ,we promise you quality.

We strive hard to maintain high quality standards through the use of ① the latest and most premium machinery, ② high grade resin materials, ③ stringent quality control process, ④ effective warehouse storage system, and ⑤ efficient logistics management.

Indo Tirta Abadi is certified ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems.

Indo Tirta Abadi is certified FSSC 22000:2013 for Food Safety Management Systems.



The quality of preforms, bottles and closures produced are highly dependent on the quality of resin materials used. At Indo Tirta Abadi, we always use PET and HDPE material with grade AA, IV, and argonoleptic requirement that meets international standard of food safety.



Warehousing our products is important. This will help us maintain long product shelf lives in our factory and at our customers’ ends. We store, barcode, scan and track each product batch through our wireless warehouse system. With our tracking system we can provide our customers at any time upon request, stock levels on hand, batch numbers and delivery reports.

Indo Tirta Abadi regularly maintains, fine-tunes and overhauls our machines to ensure we pass the most stringent quality standards. We are known for our quality and we are proud of it.


Quality Control

Our on-site laboratory facility is fully equipped with physical and microbiological analysis equipments. Laboratory tests for products include, but are not limited to, the following —

  1. Vertical Top Load & Radial Top Load
  2. Material Distribution Analysis
  3. Thermal Stability Test
  4. Stress Cracking Test
  5. Vacuum Analysis
  6. Secure Seal Test (SST)
  7. Torque Test
  8. Microbiology Test


Using state-of-the-art technology is essential in producing precise and safe products.

  1. Injection — Husky Canada
  2. Blowing — Sidel France, Krones Germany
  3. Compression — Sacmi Italy